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Attention: Podiatrists

To maintain your podiatry registration you need to complete regular professional development (CPD).

Our online platform has been designed specifically for podiatrists to achieve CPD compliance via a range of learning activities.

Traditionally CPD activities require you to spend lots of money and time travelling to conferences and seminars.  Now, thanks to our clever online platform, you can utilise technology and get your CPD hours without leaving home.

Consider the money you'll save.  No need for travel, meals, accommodation or expensive conference fees.  And no lost revenue while you're out of the clinic, because our activities can all be done in your own time and from the comfort of home (or during your lunch break at work).

And it's not just money you'll save.  You won't need to travel, so you'll save time, and also the stresses of travelling such as arranging child care, pet care etc...


Trigger Points and Dry Needling

The theory and background behind the practice


Achilles Pain with Simon Bartold

Get up-to-date on achilles pain with this free presentation.

Feedback from our clients...

"Well done Josh - platform is awesome, and great that I can get all my CPD from one place."


"Hi Josh, Thank you so much! I really appreciate your time and help. It’s a big help being guided by someone who knows the system. "


"Thanks Josh, Lot’s of great content on there and I’m looking forward to finally getting my CPD records in order. "


"The audit process is a stressful one and Josh managed to make it a lot easier and smoother. I managed to save myself a lot of time with Josh being able to advise and help finalise my audit. I found his help fantastic."


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