Relax with CPD Made Easy

The smart way to be CPD compliant and all from the comfort of home, so you can save time, your sanity and your money.

Wouldn't it be great if...

There was one single service that provided a diverse range of interesting podiatry CPD activities.

And you could visit this place whenever you felt like it, from anywhere in the world, without travel time or costs and without taking time away from your practice or your family.

Imagine if the system contained activities from all five CPD categories AND certificates sent straight to your inbox.

With all these features, it would be so easy to further your professional development and you'd never need to worry about an audit again!

Well - this DOES exist.  It's called CPD Made Easy, and you've just read about it.

So How does it work?

Just browse our library of learning activities and pick one you're interested in.  Before you can say "Yes I am CPD compliant thank you Mr Auditor", your certificate of completion will hit your inbox!

Interesting topics

We host a broad range of topics presented in a variety of ways, meaning there's something for everyone and you won't get bored.

It's easy!

Our innovative online platform provides a user-friendly interface to make learning enjoyable and CPD compliance easy.

CPD compliance

Never worry about a CPD audit again!  We provide the diversity of learning  you need to meet your registration board's requirements.

What do we offer?

Our diverse range of activities will keep you engaged and ensure you're compliant with the Podiatry Board of Australia's requirements for CPD.

Expert Presentations

Get interactive CPD with our live webinars presented by experts. 

Can't make it live - don't worry - you'll have access to all the recordings in your content library (and you'll still get your certificate of completion).

Journal-based questionnaires

Stay up to date with current research with our selection of relevant articles to read.  Each one is followed by a short quiz which generates your certificate of completion.

Just read the article, do the quiz then open your inbox for your certifcate.

Online Courses

Don't spend your weekend in a seminar room when you can learn from home in your own time.

Our online courses are presented by experts so you know you're getting the best information.

Practice Management Activities

Running a practice is not all about treating patients.

Our practice management activities will help you in the areas of quality improvement, risk reduction and business management.

Self-directed learning

Need inspiration for self-directed learning?  Browse our library of topics and follow the URL links to choose and complete your own learning activities.

And use our logging template to record the details so you're CPD compliant.

Community Service

Get involved in your local community and achieve professional development at the same time!

Our resources including templates for presentations, ideas for volunteering, logs for clinical supervision etc...

You also get...

Exclusive discounts!

Get generous member-only discounts to our live events.

For example, our members get priority access AND a massive $100 discount to Athletic Footwear - The Masterclass with Simon Bartold.


Our membership fee includes:

  • Live monthly webinars
  • Full access to our library of 25+ hours of webinar recordings
  • All our online courses
  • Certificates issued for all webinars (live and recorded) and online courses
  • Printable and electronic versions of our customised CPD workbook to summarise activities and take notes
  • FREE access to our audit support service

Feedback from some of our clients...

"Well done Josh - platform is awesome, and great that I can get all my CPD from one place."


"Hi Josh, Thank you so much! I really appreciate your time and help. It’s a big help being guided by someone who knows the system. "


"Thanks Josh, Lot’s of great content on there and I’m looking forward to finally getting my CPD records in order. "


"The audit process is a stressful one and Josh managed to make it a lot easier and smoother. I managed to save myself a lot of time with Josh being able to advise and help finalise my audit. I found his help fantastic."


Incredible Value

No lost revenue attending conferences, seminars or events. No additional costs for transport, accommodation and food. High-quality, easy to access, full CPD compliance is only a click away.


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