Online Course - Trigger Points and Dry Needling

Interested in dry needling but not sure if it's right for you and your practice?

Our thorough online course gives you the concepts before you waste your money and weekend on a course you'll never use!

So How Does This Work?

Find out all about trigger points and dry needling before you commit to a hands-on workshop.

Thanks to our innovative online platform, you can learn about dry needling at your own pace - when and where you choose, before committing to a hands-on workshop.

Our online course consists of four core modules, plus a heel pain case study and practical resources.

Information is presented in a variety of ways to make it interesting, including video presentations, journal articles, downloadable resources, quizzes and a case study.

And when you've finished, your certificate will be in your inbox before you can say myofasciopathy!  You'll have earned five hours of CPD and have the evidence to prove it. 

Easy Learning

Learn at your own pace - anywhere, anytime and enjoy the experience via our user-friendly platform

Earn 5 Hours of CPD

And when you've finished this course your certificate will be emailed to you

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Meet Your Expert Presenter

Dr Matthew Cotchett, podiatrist, educator and course presenter.

Matthew’s primary research interest is in the psychosocial aspects of musculoskeletal pain and disability.  He has a particular interest in the management of plantar heel pain and has completed a PhD on the use of dry needling for this condition.   In addition to his clinical and educational work, Matthew regularly teaches dry needling to podiatrists.  


Increase your knowledge, utilise our resources and earn 5 hours of CPD. And most importantly - improve your treatment outcomes.



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