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Ultimate Podiatrist is an online education platform developed in collaboration between health professionals and educators who specialise in instructional e-learning. Our clinical training programs are written by and supported by highly experienced podiatrists with solid clinical backgrounds.

We partner with the world’s leading health and business minds to provide you evidence based, contemporaneous, relevant and above all, interesting courses and activities to meet your CPD requirements. Wanting to improve your practice management systems and processes? We’ve got you covered here too with business topics ranging from marketing to administration and finance.

We offer an extensive range of learning formats and are the only CPD online program developed to match the core podiatry CPD competency categories within your country and meet your registration board’s CPD requirements.

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Meet Your CPD Requirements

Ultimate Podiatrist is the only CPD training platform designed specifically around the guidelines of the Podiatry Board of Australia. You can feel confident in knowing you won’t need to pay any other membership fee anywhere else to be 100% CPD compliant.

Do Your CPD Anywhere and Anytime

Our courses are available around the clock and accessible on any device. Simply login on your desktop, tablet or smartphone to start learning and earning CPD points. You can also stop a course at any stage and resume allowing you to learn at your own pace. It’s the CPD option that truly fits within your busy schedule.

Keep Track of Your Compliance

Once you've completed a course, we send you an email with your certificate of completion. You can also store all your certificates in one place, using your personalised audit tracking portal, to make maintaining your podiatry registration a breeze.

An Innovative Approach to CPD

Podiatrists have a duty of care to their patients, a duty to practise safely and effectively, and the ability to recognise their own limits in regard to advice.

Ultimate Podiatrist was created for podiatrists to help them develop as health care practitioners to increase their knowledge base, practice more efficiently, deliver better care and easily maintain their CPD certification.

Launched in 2015 by qualified podiatrist, Joshua Truscott, Ultimate Podiatrist has grown to provide podiatry CPD courses in Australia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand. Josh has worked in a variety of clinical settings in Australia and England, established two practices from scratch and employed over 15 staff.

Continuing professional development was part of the twenty years Josh spent as a podiatrist and saw an opportunity to make CPD compliance easier, more accessible, affordable and engaging.

He started Ultimate Podiatrist as a way to deliver the service he would have wanted, and has today become a professional development and career support resource for podiatrists around the world.

"I love designing things that work well, especially when these systems are of benefit to others. I've always enjoyed problem-solving, and Ultimate Podiatrist solves a few of the headaches we face as both podiatrists and business owners."

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Volume Discounts for Multiple Users

Take advantage of our volume discounts and single billing for your podiatry practice. You will have complete confidence in your team having met the Board’s requirements and their learning will be enhanced by discussion with colleagues.

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